Wanganui: Embracing History and Natural Beauty in North New Zealand

Wanganui is located along the banks of the Whanganui River on New Zealand’s North Island, Wanganui (also spelled Whanganui) is a beautiful and charming city that offers visitors a rich tapestry of culture, history and natural beauty. Wanganui invites visitors to immerse and explore themselves in the heart of North Island’s beauty, with its vibrant arts scene, stunning landscapes and warm community spirit.

Rich Cultural Heritage:

Steeped in Māori history and European heritage, Wanganui is a wealth of cultural attractions that showcase the city’s diverse past. The Whanganui Regional Museum is a great place to explore artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of the region’s early settlers, indigenous people and colonial history. The historic Durie Hill Elevator is a unique underground elevator that provides panoramic views of the city as well as the surrounding landscape from Durie Hill Memorial Tower.

Scenic Beauty:

Wanganui is surrounded by rolling hills, lush forests and the meandering Whanganui River. Wanganui is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Whanganui River Journey is a popular multi-day kayaking or canoeing adventure that takes travelers through past secluded beaches, pristine wilderness, and alongside towering cliffs. For those individuals who prefer to stay on land, the Mountains to Sea Cycle Trail offers a scenic route through the Whanganui National Park, passing through native  farmland, bush, and charming rural communities along the way.

Wanganui: Embracing History and Natural Beauty in North New Zealand

Wanganui: Embracing History and Natural Beauty in North New Zealand

Arts and Culture:

With studios, galleries and theaters showcasing the talents of local performers and artists, Wanganui has a vibrant arts scene. The Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts, with a collection of New Zealand and international art housed in a beautiful heritage building overlooking the Whanganui River. The Royal Wanganui Opera House hosts a diverse program of live performances, including concerts, theater productions, and dance recitals, providing entertainment for visitors and residents.

Community Spirit:

Known for its strong sense of warm hospitality and community, Wanganui locals welcome visitors with open arms and a genuine Kiwi friendliness. The River Traders Market, held every Saturday along the banks of the Whanganui River, is a vibrant hub of activity where visitors can experience artisanal products, local produce and delicious street food while enjoying entertainment and live music. The Whanganui Festival of Cultures celebrates the city’s cultural diversity with food stalls, colorful parade and performances from around the world, bringing together visitors and residents to celebrate inclusion and unity.


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