Westport: A Coastal Gem of New Zealand’s West Coast

Westport is located on the shores of the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Westport is a picturesque town that offers a unique blend of outdoor adventures, natural beauty and rich heritage. Surrounded by pristine beaches, towering mountains and lush rainforests, Westport is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Spectacular Scenery:

Westport’s natural beauty is simply breathtaking, with its wild rivers, dramatic coastline and rugged mountains providing a stunning backdrop for adventure and exploration. Visitors can explore the iconic Cape Foulwind which is home to a colony of fur seals and stunning coastal views, or they can venture into the nearby Paparoa National Park, where hidden caves, towering limestone cliffs and ancient forests await.

Outdoor Adventures:

A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, Westport offers a wide range of activities to suit all skill levels and interests. The Buller River, famous for its world-class whitewater rafting and kayaking, provides excitement and thrills for adrenaline junkies, whereas on the other hand the surrounding mountains offer opportunities for mountain biking, hiking and birdwatching. For those seeking a more leisurely pace, the West Coast Wilderness Trail offers a spectacular scenic journey through some of the region’s most beautiful landscapes.

Westport: A Coastal Gem of New Zealand's West Coast

Rich Heritage:

The history of Westport dates back to the gold rush era of the nineteenth century, Westport is steeped in culture and heritage. Visitors can explore the town’s historic coal mining sites. The Denniston Experience of Westport is a museum that offers insights into the lives of the miners who once toiled in the coal mines. The Coaltown Museum, located in the heart of Westport, displays the town’s rich mining history through interactive artifacts, exhibits and displays.

Community Spirit:

The Westport Racecourse is home to the iconic Westport Races, it is a focal point for celebration and socializing, with entertainment, horse racing and family-friendly activities drawing crowds from near and far.

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